Vision Mission

Vision of Adwaita Mission Institute of Technology (A.M.I.T)
  • To produce competent, dynamic and multi-talented young professionals to compete with others for fulfilling the contemporary demands of the industry and thereby making them useful citizens in the development of the nation
  • To evolve into a centre of academic and research excellence in the country and to become an educational institute of international reputation with a team of competent faculty and to pool the students having high academic ability
  • To impart complete education in the widest sense of the term with the ever changing needs of the society in general and rural population in particular
  • To provide cent per cent placements to our students by bridging the gap between the eligibility and employability. 
Mission of Adwaita Mission Institute of Technology (A.M.I.T.)
  • To provide excellence in engineering, technical education and research 
  • To provide for unifying the interdisciplinary aspects of engineering 
  • To develop strong communication skill in students
  • To create awareness for social, historical, ethical, cultural and human values 
  • To create a culture for self and for life- long learning 
  • To create an intellectual spirit and capability for critical judgment 
  • To establish symbiotic relationship with industries 
  • To develop entrepreneurship programs and promote student entrepreneurs 
  • To develop continuing education programs 
  • To create awareness for development with equity and environmental values 
  • To utilize technology for human happiness 
  • To undertake resource generation and provide consultancy services 
  • To integrate science, mathematics and information technology in engineering education  
  • To make the students aware of the innovative tools and techniques and their impact on very nature and practice of engineering profession at large 

“When I could not see did not take me long to get over… what I did see was quite enough. There was not servant rule, and the only ring which encircled me was the blue of horizon shown around these solitudes by their presiding goddess. Within this I was to more about as I chose.” 

Rabindranath Tagore

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